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Make the most of your empty pots by rotating super stunning plant combinations each season—delivered right to your front door. 

We'll provide you with plants that are off to a healthy start. When they arrive, simply remove the temporary pot and drop the combo into the pots you already have. Just water and watch them grow. 

Each arrangement is $37.50 and yep, that includes shipping. Quick note: we only ship within California. Subscribe to receive automatic deliveries three times a year—spring, summer and fall—or, place an individual order.

Spring Promo: Spring Porch Pots Combo $20

It's Quick and Easy! Let's Get Started.

1. Is the color of your home warm or cool?

We’ll select flower and foliage combos that look oh so fabulous with the color of your home.

2. Select the color of your existing pot(s).

Porch Pots can be planted in containers with a diameter of 12 inches or larger.