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About Us

At Porch Pots, we’re a bunch of plant nerds who love to play with all of the colors and textures nature has to offer. We come from a combined team of Green Acres Nursery & Supply retail horticulturalists blended with Matsuda’s—a talented crew that has been artfully growing plants since 1957. Green Acres Nursery & Supply opened its first location in 2003 and has grown to seven locations throughout the greater Sacramento area. In 2014, Green Acres Nursery & Supply acquired Matsuda’s along with all of the talent that came with it.

As time has gone on, we’ve realized that people have a strong desire to have fresh, striking, perfectly-curated plants in their existing pots to ring in each new season. Knowing there’s nothing more fun than coming up with custom combinations of seasonal plants that can be dropped right into your pot when the time is right, we put our heads together and came up with Porch Pots—a drop-in plant combination subscription service for your pots! Our playful plant combinations will do well in any area of California and offer our customers a porch to envy.

Porch Pots is for experienced and novice gardeners alike. Our goal is to make your pots look good and your thumbs look green year ‘round with as minimal effort as possible. Each season brings a fresh, unique selection of plant combos that will thrive in your specific conditions. It is timely, convenient and easy to plant. Please enjoy our drop-in color combos, grown with love, packaged carefully and delivered right to your front door—like getting fresh cut flowers delivered, but with roots.